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"   1. On our second date, I laughed so hard I burped
And you laughed so hard at me
that you nearly fell off the bed.
2. I didn’t bring a jacket to the fireworks so you leant me yours.
And you kissed me even though I cried.
You didn’t make me tell you why,
Because you knew I didn’t even know myself.
3. You danced naked at midnight when the year changed,
And you dragged me off the sofa to waltz around the living room so fast
I started to see stars.
4. You saw my tiger stripes
And you bathed them,
Kissed them,
And wrapped them in bandages.
Then you made me a cup of tea and put on the telly,
So that I forgot it hurt.
5. You told me you loved me
In your sleep.   "
Five ways I knew you were the one. (via stayproud-littleowl)

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Flowers by (Omair Haq)

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"   All suffering originates from craving, from attachment, from desire.   "
Edgar Allan Poe (via timefliestoday)


The Taste of Tea  (茶の味, Cha no Aji), 2004, dir. Katsuhito Ishii.

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"   In my dream you are sitting out
at the edge of the water,
watching me wade towards you in the dark:
time has stood still since the river
leached out the last thread of warmth and left you to dry,
John Burnside, from “A Swimming Lesson,” in Swimming in the Flood (Jonathan Cape, 1995)

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